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The song "Just Text Me" is attributed to "Keisha feat. Brandi," but the artist is Nicola Foti. The song illustrates the great divide between how young and old see social interaction. The song bemoans voice-to-voice phone calls as lame, intrusive, and not worth the time. Someone of my generation (namely me) thinks that if a conversation with someone is so painful, why are you friends in the first place? When I accused my kids and their friends of using texts as a method of ignoring each other, they assured me that I was completely right, and so what? However, the examples in the song illustrate how communication has changed: you can now contact almost anyone, anytime, to ask a different question every ten minutes, which is something I wouldn't think to do unless the other person was actually in my house. It's no wonder they want to ignore their friends!  -via Laughing Squid

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Formerly, telephones transmitted enough sound from one place to another so that you could convey nuance and emotion in a call. Today's low-bandwidth over-compressed digital mobile services do not transmit enough sound to convey a message with nuance or subtle emotion. So it makes sense that a generation who has only known this crappy service would not adopt it as a primary means of communication.
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Since there has NEVER been an important text in the history of texting, I ignore all texts that are sent to me. Keeps life simple and stress-free.
(Nobody texts 911. If something is important, people will call.)
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