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Every week, I use this wrap-up post as an excuse to sort through the stats we have. They can be kind of humbling. Often, the posts that a blogger puts the most work into, or gets the most excited about, ends up with a "meh" response. And just as often, something really easy that we throw on at the last minute turns out to be a barnburner, sparks a lively comment discussion, or gets linked at a lot of other sites. But that's all a learning experience. We need to know what you like and don't like, so we can bring you more of what Neatoramanauts most want to see. If you've got something to say about a post, leave us a comment. If you just like it, click and give it a ♥ -and a comment, too, if you've got the time. If you see something that Aunt Harriet would love, you can email it to her. If it's really interesting, you can tell your Twitter followers or Facebook friends. And if you see something interesting on another site that we should know about, you can email to tell us about it. Every one of those things helps us improve the site and give you what you want. Thanks! Now let's recap what we offered in the past week, in case you need to catch up.  

Jill Harness attended Comic Con and brought back the biggest collection of photos yet! See them in the post 65 Cosplay Pictures From San Diego Comic Con 2013.

Edddie Deezen pondered the question of What's in the Briefcase in Pulp Fiction?

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader gave us Public-Access Cable: Anyone's A Star.

Stock Market Behavior Predicted by Rat Neurons was from the Annals of Improbable Research.

Mental_floss magazine contributed 10 Missing Treasures You Should Really Be Looking For!

David Israel posed more Questions In Need of Answers, which has spawned great conversations on organic produce and rats -thank goodness those are two different questions!

Hy Conrad brought us another Whodunit, this one called The Pointing Corpse.

In this week's What Is It? game, the pictured tool is a buffing wheel rake, for removing excess buffing compound from a cloth buffing wheel, a photo of one in use can be seen here. Steve Pauk guessed that right, and as promised, wins a virtual pat on the back. We have t-shirts for the two funniest answers this week, one for Trish Schroeder, who declared it to be the hairbrush that Kid's stylist (from Kid n' Play) used to create his hair in the 90's. The other shirt goes to Sam Bacon, who said it's a corn remover for the Hulk's feet! See the answers to all this week's mystery objects at the What Is It? blog.

The non-giveaway post with the most comments was Questions In Need of Answers. In second place was Keep Calm and Just Name The Royal Baby Already, and Rolling Clay with Keith was third.

The comment of the week came from Ian Garatt, who responded to the post High-End Stores Use Facial Recognition Software to Detect Celebrities When They Walk In, saying "But mostly, they're checking for Winona Ryder." Ha!

I also need to mention a great one by Kevin George, who responded to the trousers found embedded in the tree by saying, "Back then, swimwear was full length. I say these are trunks."

The most popular post was Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones, followed by 10 Missing Treasures You Should Really Be Looking For! and 65 Cosplay Pictures From San Diego Comic Con 2013 came in third.
The post with the most ♥s was Digitally Restoring an Old Photograph. Coming in second was That's Not An Iceberg, Silly Walrus, followed by You Can Finally Formally Introduce Yourself to an Otter.

The most emailed post was Mama Cat and Ducklings, with The World's Largest Canine-Friendly Cake coming in second. Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones and Sharkini tied for third place.

When you're shopping for back to school supplies, be sure to put something special from the NeatoShop in there amongst the generic paper and pencils to make your kids feel special and excited about school! Pictured here is my new favorite t-shirt. Imagine showing up for your new chemistry class wearing this -the teacher will be impressed!

And when you've caught up on everything here, be sure to take a look at the Neatoramanauts Facebook page, where you'll find neat stuff like a cute little owl with lots of caption suggestions and surprising vintage photos. Have a great week!

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as a matter of fact:

Warning: his latest session Friday night is not in the archive yet (I don't know why). Instead it autostarts the last few minutes of BlindFerret's 24-hour 'dick-a-thon' promoting an unsuccessful kickstarter for a game version of the comic "Looking For Group" which Lar draws, and to which he gave use of his channel and some hours of facetime. If you'd rather not watch the 'thon' (and I don't recommend it), his previous "Lartist At Work" streams are there, the most recent here: (note: it starts with an almost 20-minute 'pre-show' slide show of some of his stuff, to the soundtrack of the weirdest music he can find).

Anyway, he'll be back there Live and in Photoshop next Friday at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific for at LEAST 4 hours (but more often close to 5).
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