The Getaway Triathlon

It's the gateaway triathlon: 23-year-old Illinois man named Brion Adam Kriss ran, rode a bike, and swam in the ocean to flee the police.

Kriss was suspect of having a large knife which he had displayed during a prior incident in Delaware. He lost control of his car and crashed into a utility pole in the area of Jamestown Road on Coastal Highway. Due to the crash, one person had to be rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Kriss then ran away, stole a bicycle and then dived into a marsh. He assaulted several Police Officers as they tried to arrest him. 

For all of his troubles, Kriss got tasered, sicced by a police dog, and fired on by rubber bullets. Oh, and instead of a medal, he won (or technically, he lost the triathlon) handcuffs and incarceration: Link

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In the US, except on certain kinds of federal property, in territories and interstate commerce, knife laws are made by the state and cities, and vary a lot. Some states set the limit at 5-6 inches, others have no limit on size, or only limit you if you are carrying it concealed, and in several cases a concealed weapons permit (the same needed to carry a gun) lets you carry a larger or concealed knife. Some of the original knife laws were original argued for precisely because people could carry guns, that the knife was not needed for self-defense and was used only for knife fights. Although latter some states also tried to use laws to discriminate against minorities or poor people by allowing guns and not knives.
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