Obeying the Genie

How many times have you heard the rule about genies: you can't wish for more wishes. Kids always think they are the first to think of this loophole. Barring that, they are going to look for other loopholes! This comic is from Buttersafe. Link -via Daily of the Day

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Unfortunately you're stuck with the genie that will see through this scheme immediately.

Also, I always wonder, why do genies fulfill wishes anyway? I know they're compelled to it, but why? They're already banished into a lamp, and they probably just hear whenever someone rubs their lamp and come out to have the only bit of fun they can have, which is mess with people's minds, and the rules? Also a part of the fun, genies would exist in real life if a certain part of the internet community got super powers.
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What no-one seems to understand is that while you're the master of the genie, the genie is the master of the wishes, he makes the rules and he can interpret them any way he wants to, when he says 'don't go wishing for more wishes', he actually means 'don't even think about it buddy'. And when you try to outsmart the genie, I think the centuries if not millenia old creature will see through your 'original' way to get more wishes (implying he didn't have to deal with this kind of bs on more occasions) and deny you your joy of being more genius than the genie.

I'm sure the genies invented the rules for a reason, and that reason is past experiences.

Maybe one who breaks the rules of the genie gets into the lamp instead of the genie, and every time someone breaks the rules the cycle is broken and a new genie is born while the old one goes free.

A Doctor Who theme anyone? No? I'll show myself off.
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"Obeying the Genie"

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