Penny Loafers

Are Sonya Clark's shoes made of pennies and copper sheets comfortable? Probably not. But in a past, they'd be considered so cool. Clark explains why she likes to work with copper:

I relate to the color of the metal because it is the color of my skin. In anthroposophical medicine, copper alleviates poor memory. By using copper, I reconnect with my ancestry and reawaken lost memories of cultural identity. Metaphysically, the redness of the metal is said to reflect lineage. Copper veins are likened to the blood of the earth, the blood of our mothers, and therefore heritage.

Link -via Lustik

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I've heard that you can't get penny loafers in Canada anymore.

When I was in the second grade, penny loafers were considered the height of fashion. I never had them, though I think I asked my mom for them.
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I'm sorry, but while I somewhat like the piece, the artist statement almost makes me barf and then choke on it... "anthroposophical medicine..." Please. There are real reasons to enjoy working with copper, and there are real reasons to reflect on ones heritage but the crud she's spouting should get her a swift water balloon to the face and general derision and disrespect.
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