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Atheist Monument

When a courthouse in Bradford County, Florida, got a monument based on the Ten Commandments, American Atheists advocacy group sued to get it removed.

But during court-ordered mediation, all parties settled that the Ten Commandments monument could stay as long as the atheists get their own monument.

Yesterday, the atheists got just that: their own granite monument in shape of a bench with an accompanying pillar engraved with quotes:

The atheist monument includes quotes from Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O'Hair and others. One side of the pillar lists the biblical punishments for breaking the Ten Commandments, which often call for execution. [...]

It may be the first public monument to atheism in the nation, but it is only the first of many, said American Atheists President David Silverman.

Silverman announced during the unveiling ceremony Saturday afternoon that the organization will erect up to 50 more monuments across the country in public places where religious structures like the Ten Commandments marker in Starke have been established.

Morgan Watkins of the Gainesville Sun reports: Link (Image: Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun)

Yay for equality! It's a pity that USA is so drenched in religion that the biggest question on everyone's lips is "When will someone try to destroy it"? Sad that we expect it, rather than just joke over it. I wonder if they have surveillance cameras watching it? It's almost like a speed trap, but for religious-fueled vandalism.
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So glad Atheists are finally coming out of the closet. We shouldn't have to hide our beliefs. I hope one day people will understand that, like our neighbors of faith, a majority of us just want to be kind to our fellow man, and live good, peaceful, helpful lives.
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Wait....I though Atheist wanted everyone to tolerate them? Seems like the "tolerant" ones or intolerant of anyone else's beliefs except their own...and yes...this country was founded on God's principles!!! People moved here to escape government and have freedom of religion. Another misconception...the Separation of Church and State was a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in response to a Baptist Church getting upset that government was trying to tell them how to worship. The letter says, that no government can intervene with religious practices, not the other way around.
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