15 Utterly Adorable Babies Cosplaying

We’ve already featured some of the geekiest baby costumes around, but let’s face it, it’s hard to have too many adorable babies in cute costumes. With that in mind, here are 15 more simply precious cosplaying babies.

Care Bear

Each Care Bear has a different power and Sarah James of Instructables’ little Care Bear has the power of cuteness. Just try not to fall on the floor when he starts sending waves of adorability your way. You can even learn to make your own adorable Care Bear baby costume thanks to Sarah.

Cabbage Patch Kid

What’s better than a baby doll? A baby that’s dressed like a baby doll, especially if it looks like one of the legendary Cabbage Patch Kids complete in the box. Debbie of Coolest Homemade Costumes made this amazing costume for her daughter-in-law, who originally only asked for a wig. Imagine how happy she was to see the whole package all together.

Marty McFly

It’s an eighties baby-costume extravaganza! In fact, I think the universe would explode with cuteness and time-warpiness if we got the baby Care Bear, Cabage Patch Kid and Marty McFly all in one room togethrt. Flickr user Goines even included the license plate OUTATIME on the back of this DeLorean push car.

Mouse Trap

I absolutely love baby costumes that incorporate the stroller or wagon that the little one will be cruising in. While Costume Works reader Michael made the whole thing himself, it would actually be pretty easy to do this on your own with a store-bought mouse costume, a large piece of wood (sand it smooth so your rodent doesn’t get scratched), a dryer vent tube, and a little paint.

In Jail

A baby in a prisoner costume is pretty darn cute no matter what, but add in a giant Monopoly square and a brother dressed like Uncle Pennybags and you’ve suddenly got a great costume that everyone can appreciate. According to Costume Works reader Rorie, the parent of the two boys, the older one, Simon, is simply obsessed with board games, especially Monopoly, and he hates it when his baby brother gets into his games. So for Halloween, he got revenge by throwing his brother in jail.


Laura Finch’s little ring bearer might not be able to walk yet, but he’s all ready to join an adventuring party traveling to Mount Doom.


Oh, it looks like Sean Donohue’s baby Gimli is already here to join Frodo’s adventure. He even has offered his axe –just like in the movie.

Harry Potter

With his scarf, wand and glasses, little Joe Jack here is a dead-ringer for Harry Potter. Amazingly, he only took home second place in the Mom 365 Halloween contest from 2011, but the gnome baby who won was, admittedly, rather adorable as well.

Stay Puft

This might just be the cutest rampage of New York ever captured on film. This adorable baby is the daughter of puppeteer Dan Milano, who makes Greg the Bunny.


He’s tiny, fluffy, colorful and best friends with Rainbow Brite, so what little girl wouldn’t want to be Twink? If you’re just dying for an adorable Twink costume for your favorite sidekick, Pink Suede Shoe has all the instructions you need to make this one yourself.

David Bowie

Like your little one to cosplay as a real person? Then put him or her in a leotard and tights and paint a lightning bolt on their face with makeup –bam, David Bowie costume. Sarah Ivy’s son Finn does a particularly awesome job as Ziggy Stardust with his messy red hair (it looks like she used spray hair coloring) and a proclivity for applying thick layers of lip gloss.

Harry and Lloyd

I would never think of Photobucket user tpaynex’s two Angels as Dumb and Dumber, but in their tuxedos and Mutts Cutts wagon, they are definitely cute and cuter.

Ace Ventura

Allllllrighty then little Ace. Costume Works reader Jenny submitted this precious pic of her tinny pet detective back in 2012. While they went out trick or treating, Jenny and her husband wore matching costumes, Miami Dolphins jerseys bearing the names Finkle and Marino.


With his adorable cheeks, tiny hiking boots and impressive collection of merit badges, Little Miles here is a spot-on copy of Russell from Up! I’m sure Kevin and Dug would warm up to this version even faster than the one in the movie.


It’s cute enough to see a baby that’s only nine months old dress up like all kinds of classic fairy tale characters, but to see Maddie actually play with the props and take on the characters she is cosplaying makes her all the more precious.  If you like any of the outfits from Maddie’s fashion shoots, you can find links to the Etsy sellers that created them on photographer Wendy Riggen’s site.

So technically, maybe they aren’t really cosplaying because they aren’t actually getting into the characters themselves, they’re just being dressed up by Mom and Dad. But when Halloween only comes once a year and babies quickly turn into kids and then grow into teenagers and, soon enough, adults, is there really anything wrong with dressing up your baby throughout the year rather than waiting for Halloween?

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