What Kind of Asian Are You?

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A classic skit. Some people have no idea how offensive they are until you turn it around on them. And the real kicker is that turning it around often doesn't even get the point across. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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"that "cultural feature" of the white American populace"

Discrimination is everywhere; it's how human beings navigate a highly complex world in which thoughtful, careful evaluation of every individual a person encounters is impossible. This is a good thing as far as it enables us to move through a crowded environment and a bad thing if it spoils our ability to judge a person on his merits.

I went to school with a Japanese guy called Hiro. He was, by all appearances, a very nice guy. One day, though, he shocked me by stating very matter-of-factly that he disliked Koreans. "They smell bad" he explained.

In my conversation with Europeans, Asians, South Americans, North Americans of all colors and creeds, etc, etc I have found that racism is a human condition. Americans make an easy target because they are outspoken and because it's pretty much open season on them right now but they don't have a monopoly on racist attitudes.
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It took me a long time to get used to that "cultural feature" of the white American populace, but in the beginning it was very off-putting. I still find it quite lacking in good taste when strangers start talking to me in Spanish, simply because I have dark hair and slightly olive skin. I am, actually eastern European with Asian blood.
The worst was, when at the Airport some African American woman demanded (not asked) that I provide more toilet paper in the restroom. I pointed out my suitcase, and tried as nicely as I could to tell her that I am a traveler just like her, and there is toilet paper in another bathroom stall.
And yes, TSA is an abomination.
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You are very generous. Some questions are rude no matter how innocent the intention, like "Is that your real hair color?" or "How much money do you make?" And those can be forgiven if they come up in a natural conversation, even if you choose not to answer. But to approach a stranger and ask a personal question just to satisfy your curiosity about them is rude. I can't imagine having it happen over and over all your life, especially in a clueless manner like this fellow.
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