Windows 8: Beautiful and Fast

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I put this new Windows 8 advertisement on my own site because, although it's funny, I didn't think it was quite "neat" enough for Neatorama. Then later, I found out something strange about it. No one seems to know what language the actors are speaking!

Native speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and Korean declare that it is not any of those languages.  The first time I listened to them, the ads sounded as though they contained elements of some Wu topolect, a bit like mangled Shanghainese, but I could also definitely hear bits of Mandarin, albeit with unusual tonal contours and slurring.  What was most perplexing of all to me was that, although I was certain that the ads contained Chinese phrases and sentences, every Chinese person to whom I showed them emphatically maintained that they could not understand a single word!  In contrast, several non-native speakers of Mandarin said they could pick out a word of Chinese here and there.

Victor Mair of Language Log asked other people who speak different languages if they recognized the language, but still haven't found anyone who understands it. Link -via Metafilter

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So,Windows has progressed from banging your head against a wall to bashing your face on a desk. At least you can take your punishment sitting down now! (Yes, in fact, I do have a Mac.)
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There are two more ads in these 'series' did anyone see them? I personally find them fun and I'm glad Microsoft decided to make them. I, for one, am kinda tired of the 'serious' marketing which mostly wraps up every piece of garbage in a beautiful package.
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I think the unintelligible language has a meaning, even if you don't speak the language (computer illiterate) you can still understand win 8 because it's dumbed down
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