5 Warning Signs That You're Finally Getting Older

John Cheese at Cracked is 39, and starting to recognize the signs of aging. I can relate to several of these. I don't mind slang terms yet, but I find that it now takes a lot to impress me.

Eventually, you reach a point where you have heard virtually every debate point for every topic ever conceived by man. Nothing anyone says is new. Nothing anyone says is convincing the other side to "convert" to their line of thinking. Consider how long debates have been around between atheists and Christians, legalization and anti-drug groups, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, Democrats and Republicans, and on and on. So many of the talking points and debate styles overlap from topic to topic that you can damn near lip sync to them as they're being said. All debates have turned into a Nickelback album.

Maybe it says something about how much older I am that I don't even know what Nickelback sounds like. But he's got some good points in this list, in plenty of NSFW language. Link

(Image credit: Flickr user Aislinn Ritchie)

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Oh, sadly this list rings true. I absolutely HATE hearing some new slang... like 'totes' for totally. That one drives me frickin crazy!
And #1... yeah... doesn't help that entertainment industry treats everyone like they're idiots now and think they have to tell people that there is a twist in a movie for people to see it.
How about having a good twist and NOT mentioning it in the trailer!
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I see this in my kids. They can't wait to show me a YouTube video that's completely lame, and they laugh hysterically because their friends told them it was funny. Then I show them the stuff I post, and they agree that mine are better (I am not easily impressed). But do they follow Neatorama? Of course not, because it's not COOL to seek out a parent's brand of comedy.
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