Brainteaser: Touch This

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You're at a cocktail party with your date. Strangely enough, there's something in the room that everyone can touch -and so can you, but only with your left hand. What is it?

Continue reading to find out.

Highlight here for the answer: Your right elbow.


The article above is reprinted with permission from Uncle John's All-Purpose Extra Strength Bathroom Reader.

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Clearly this whole elbow-touching at parties cannot be hygienic. If you find yourself at an elbow-touching party, do like the women in the picture and have a beverage and some bread.
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1) Why does the cocktail party look like an Oneg Shabbat?
2) I first went to right elbow. But I wonder if this one has something to do with the fact that your *date* is there, and therefore your right arm is somehow associated with your date...
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Usually I love your brainteasers. You are making a great job over there... but this last one... :( This last one is very poorly constructed. Basically because it is based on the fact that we cannot touch our own elbows with the same side hand where the elbow is.

But we can touch our elbow with the opposite hand, with a knee, with the belly, the feet, etc. So it is not “something i can only touch with my left hand”.

Anyway, there is a saying in my country: even the best hunter loses a rabbit once in a while.

Congrats for such a great content selection. Wavings from México.
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