Hyperbole and A Half Returns

Allie Brosh (previously), popular blogger and creator of the alot, took a year and a half off from Hyperbole and A Half to deal with depression. She also wrote a book, and returns today to explain more about her experience. Brosh gives a clue as to why she stopped posting despite how many people adored her and the things she wrote and drew.

Perhaps it was because I lacked the emotional depth necessary to panic, or maybe my predicament didn't feel dramatic enough to make me suspicious, but I somehow managed to convince myself that everything was still under my control right up until I noticed myself wishing that nothing loved me so I wouldn't feel obligated to keep existing.  

Brosh writes (and draws) eloquently about the darkness of depression, which she still struggles with. But things may be getting better. We hope so. Link

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Slowly but surely it is changing. We've a long long way to go but it is getting better. Simple fscf is: it's illness. you don't tell someone with cancer to just make their body magicslly cure itself. the same goes for psychological issues.
Unfortunately, some of the "improvement" is not for the better. The meds CAN help and can do a lot of good. Many people have biochemical issues that need to be adressed with medication. The problem arises when meds get handed out like candy and people aren't treated for the causes of some of their depression or anxiety or aren't given referral to things that can help them develop proper coping mechanisms like social workers or therapists. Don't get me wrong, in some cases medication is absolutely necessary and can save lives and help people immensely. The problem is, those meds make big pharma a lot of money, and sending someone to a social worker doesn't make the health care industry a fraction of what a long term prescription medication can.
The side effects can cause more (long) term health problems which (guess what) result in more meds. (See the cycle?) Things like massive weight gain, hypertension, absent libido, poor sleep, and unfortunately suicidal tendencies. The drug I was on caused such a slow downward spiral it was almost too late before I realized what was supposed to help, was actually killing me. The fact that my spouse and myself lost a friend to an antidepressant drug switch should have made us a little more aware but when you're in the thick of things it is exactly how Allie described. The list of bizzare and detrimental effects I experienced is almost a page long.
So, my biased opinion is, yes some need the meds, but they're handed out too easily by under qualified, and overly busy doctors in a broken system instead of doing the simple human thing and talking to someone and society needs to just "get over" the "but they'll think I'm crazy" mentality.
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There's definitely a lot of misconceptions, myths, and shame about depression. But there's hope - society and medicine are both changing to accept depression and treat it.
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I am eternally grateful to people like Allie who share accurate depictions and are publicly honest about their struggles with things like depression. As illustrated in her post, there are many misconceptions that exist in regards to depression and other mental illnesses. She is doing a courageous thing that goes a long way to helping those who have never experienced it comprehend and those who do struggle to know they're not alone.
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Ms. Brosh is a talented writer and artist. I clicked the link and noticed that there are already over 3500 comments to her latest blog post. Every comment I read was positive and supportive. It's great to have her back.
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