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Which Muppet Would Have the Best Chance to Successfully Assassinate Hitler?

Redditor Tastybread's question, which I've rephrased slightly, is an excellent one. Some commenters suggest Lew Zealand, who is skilled in the use of the fish boomerang. Others propose Beaker just for his dark inner nature. But what about Rowlf the Dog, who might use his canine appeal to get close to Hitler? Or Animal, who could fly into an Andrew Jackson-like killing frenzy? Or Snuffleupagus, who was able to move through Sesame Street undetected by anyone but Big Bird for 14 years?


(Image: Disney)

Which Muppet do you think would have the best chance to assassinate Hitler?

Piggy is too aggressive. She's a threat. He would have her eliminated.

Rowlf is way too laid back He's not a killer.

Big Bird and Snuffy are way too innocent. Neither of them have a killer in him.

Fozzy, Beaker, Gonzo, and Lew are clearly mentally incapable. In fact, due to their limited mental capacity, they probably would have been included in Hitler's Final Solution and also been eliminated.

Maybe Animal, but he'd be his own Blitzkrieg. Hitler's men would see him coming a mile away. If he got close enough he could do it, but I doubt he'd make it.

Kermit is the only one in this bunch who is level headed enough to approach cautiously and calculatingly. He would have a plan, a disguise and an exit strategy. As boring as it is, Kermit is the man... er... amphibian for the job.

But if I were a betting man, I'd send Bert. That dude's gonna snap any minute. Might as well make it count.
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How can it be anybody but Crazy Harry? Seriously despite looking just like an insane terrorist bomber, the guy can pop out of anywhere and detonate huge amounts of explosives nobody even knew were there at a moment's notice.
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