There Is Now a My Little Pony Ice Cream Flavor

Derpy Hooves holds a special place in the heart of bronies. She was originally a nameless background pony accidentally drawn with googly eyes by animators. Bronies fell in love with the hapless pegasus and made numerous works of fan fiction, art and video about her. Derpy, you should know, is a mail courier, obsessed with muffins and a traveling companion to a Time Lord in the Doctor Whooves video series.

Directors of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic embraced the fan creation. They added Derpy to more backgrounds and even aired a scene with her speaking.

Ted and Wally's Premium Homemade Ice Cream in Omaha, Nebraska is feeling pony-curious lately. It recently created an ice cream flavor inspired by Derpy. The flavor is, appropriately, chocolate chip muffin.

Link -via Equestria Daily

(Images: Ted and Wally's, Doctor-G)

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"There Is Now a My Little Pony Ice Cream Flavor"

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