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The Soda Stealer Robotic Hand

YouTube Ioduremetallique uses his genius for evil. Okay, perhaps it's not felony type of evil, but definitely a misdemeanor. Watch how his robot hand creation steals a can of soda from the vending machine: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Gizmodo

I blame Jonathan Coulton; this crime spree has 'Code Monkey' & 'Future Soon' written all over it. Yeah, you know he started building his robot army to get her sodas, dontcha?
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All that work for a can of corn syrup. Of course, it costs "Big Cola" nothing; it's the little guy who runs the vending machine who will have to cover the loss.
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Or he could have simply learned how to use a tape measure. As someone who used to stock these machines - I would try to figure out how to "hack" them. The spring loaded kind were by far the easiest. If you had soda cans, all you need to do is "pop" the can from the sping. But if they were stocked with bottles, it was a little more difficult.
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no where on a cola machine does it actually say you're paying for the can, the can of cola is free you are paying to activate the machine, so he's not really stealing he's just not using the machine. (my logic) similar logic applies to digital media

there will soon be a disclaimer on the side of machines to close this loophole
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