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Which Is Better? Tabasco Sauce or Sriracha

Sriracha is hip, hot and cool. We've seen it in everything from chocolate to lollipops to bread. But Foodbeast's Dominique Zamora calls us back to the old ways--to the trusted and true--to Tabasco sauce. Dominique calls this Southern treasure "a dapper, crotchety old gentleman" and "the Walt Kowalski of hot sauces." You can read her funny, .gif-filled argument, which includes support from the Doctor and Pinkie Pie, at the link.

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Which hot sauce is better?

Sriracha may be hotter but the sugar give every meal a taste of marmelade. Tabasco ist okay but I prefer my bottle of Painmaker: that has the amount of scoville I require and it doesn't taste funny.

P.S. I just read on that site that is linked here that Sriracha isn't even hotter so: what a joke. Also: soft plastic bottle. Harmful.
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I prefer Texas Pete actually, but tobacco and sriracha are both yummy too. Too bad my stomach can't handle spicy any longer though :(
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Well, Tabasco is for Mexican food and Sriracha is for Asian food, and even though I prefer Asian food to Mexican most of the time, I prefer Tabasco sauce to Sriracha. But I use this South Asian hot curry sauce I can't even read the label but I recognize it at the store, and it's better than both.
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Tabasco is for Bloody Marys... not Mexican food. Try some El Yucateco for the real stuff... or just purreed green chili. Salsa is something else (uncooked)... chile macho is something else again (cooked). Tabasco on Mexican food is a crime against humanity.
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I don't really get the appeal of Tabasco; to me it seems to be not so much hot sauce as an extremely spicy form of vinegar. I don't get that much into hot sauce, but when I do it's Huyfong brand sriracha or the Tapatio brand Mexican hot sauce.
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I don't find the heat all that much different. Tabasco is for some food..i.e., I'd never use Sriracha in Gumbo or on Boudin Balls. Sriracha is for everything else....or course, I make my own when I can find red jalapenos. I also keep Chula for Mexican food and beer and Louisiana Hot sauce, which I prefer for fish.
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The heat of Sriracha is more persistent, which I tend to dislike. It has a more complex flavor, especially with the garlic component, so it tastes better. Still, I prefer the transient heat of Tabasco.
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This is like asking what is better.... ketchup or chocolate frosting.

Both are awesome but have different uses. I like tabasco on mexican/italian food but sriracha is my sauce of choice for all asian food (especially egg rolls or Lupia)
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