Innocent Looking Kitchen Implements Combine into a Still

What can you do with Francesco Morackini's Prohibition Kit? Besides cooking food, serving it and watering plants, you can distill liquor. Here's what they look like when combined:

Mr. Morackini writes:

Because of its legislative issue, the Prohibition kit is deliberately a provocative project. I want to question the people about the value and purpose of everyday products surrounding us. I propose another point of view to observe them. When are innocent products becoming illegal? What can those products do for us, or what do they do to us? [...]

But once those four products are plugged together, you create your own still (Alcohol distiller) to produce your own homemade schnaps. This kit is a "Camouflage kit", all parts can be used during schnaps production process, but are also fully functional for their normal (legal) use.

Link | Designer's Website

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The text from the product website states, "The intentionally provocative project brings up some challenging questions: when do everyday items become criminalized, and when do our governments have the right to restrict the use of certain objects based solely on their potential to one day be used in a crime?"

There are already laws on the books that criminalize possession of a certain amount of household substances used in the manufacture of meth.

As for Nick's comments about items becoming "illegal when you can blind people with what you make in them", the reason that stills are illegal is a revenue issue, not a health issue. This goes all the way back to George Washington using the military to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. The revolt was started by people who did not believe the government should be able to tax alcohol production. Even today, moonshiners are pursued by "revenuers", agents of the Department of Treasury.
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"Innocent Looking Kitchen Implements Combine into a Still"

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