How Much is a Fart Worth?

Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal tells a story about a fart. If it causes one person to act more human and less judgmental, that's all fine and dandy. It's well worth reading just for the humor, even if it does have a message. Link

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My mother and I had a conversation about tipping quite a few years ago. We have both worked as servers and tip well for full service. But we were at a serve-yourself buffet, where the waitress only brought drinks. I thought we shouldn't tip the same amount as for full-service. There was only one waitress bringing drinks for at least twenty tables, and I imagined her cleaning up at 15% of each bill. Mom said, "Look around at these people. You know almost none of them will leave a tip at all." She's got a point there, but is it our duty to make up for other people's bad tipping? I've never really answered that question, because the price of buffets has doubled since and I don't go to them anymore.
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I have to disagree. (1) Red Robin is not a bad restaurant. Not healthy but not bad. They're clean, the service is generally good, and they handle dining with kids well. (2) While I typically tip well, the idea of always tipping well no matter the service defeats the purpose of a tip. Not that I would deduct from a tip because of flatulence.
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