Death Wish Coffee Is the Strongest in the World

Wait--coffee that is 200% more caffeinated than normal coffee? Oh, caffeine! If it was legal in my state, I would marry you. Especially if you come in the form of Mike Brown's Death Wish Coffee:

“I had customers come in and say, ‘give me the strongest cup you got,’ and they wanted a darker roast,” Mike Brown, Death Wish's mad scientist, who also owns a coffeeshop in Pleasantdale, N.Y., told Yahoo! Shine. “I did some research and I blended the strongest beans in the world from Indonesia, Ethiopia, and South America.” [...]

Death Wish Coffee uses Robusta beans that contain "nearly double the amount of caffeine" than the Arabica bean typically used by high-end roasters, coffee expert Matt Milletto, Vice President of the American Barista and Coffee School tells Yahoo! Shine. Though java snobs usually shun Robusta, Brown says they have sought out the best quality fair trade growers. They then grind the beans very fine to extract the most potency.

Supercharged coffee? What's could possibly go wrong?

News Story and Official Website -via Glenn Reynolds

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"Death Wish Coffee Is the Strongest in the World"

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