35 Facts About Mr. Fred Rogers

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If TV host Fred Rogers hadn't died ten years ago, he would have been 85 today. In honor of the occasion, mental_floss presents 35 Facts About Mr. Fred Rogers. I honestly did not think I could sit through so many facts, because a) I never watched the show and b) I've read lists of facts about him many times. However, this is full of stories about Mr. Rogers that you probably haven't heard before. Even if you have, they are worth remembering.

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I promise you Tom. Though I'll never be the man that Mr Rogers was I will do my hardest to live up to the legacy he left.

He is, quite simply, a hero of mine. And it breaks my heart to know there are kids alive who haven't heard that gentle voice say "I love you just the way you are."

And I'm tearing up now... I miss him so much.
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This was a wonderful video. I loved every second of it and every second of Mr. Rogers's show.

I saw him once crossing the street from the public television station in Pittsburgh.
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People talk about great men and women who changed the course of history through ruthless conquest, making vast fortunes, destroying competitors, and building monuments to their greatness.

Fred Rogers was great because he was nice. He made an industry (TV) take a real look at what it was doing and change (to a degree). He could talk to children in a way 5 days a week that made them feel better but also taught them lessons on how to be better. He had his car stolen and when the robber found out it was Fred's car, the robber brought it back. You cannot get that kind of respect by making a fortune in a board room or ordering troops to war. That kind of respect comes from the hard work he did throughout his life to make the world at little nicer for 1/2 an hour 5 days a week.

I hope his message endures long past his lifetime. He was a great man.
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