Heavy Metal Banjo

Shane Martin, a British artist, makes awesome sculptures using found metal objects. We've previously shown his cobra made from scrap metal. Most recently, he made this 3-foot long banjo with car engine valves, a bicycle gear, an old pair of pliers and strings from a bass guitar.


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A sculpture is a 3d object that is nice to look at !!! It was never intended to play , Ive also made birds , fish and even a full size mini gun the fish can't swim the birds can't fly and the gun can't shoot real bullets !!! It's called art matey try deal with it .
In addition banjos come in 4 ,5 and 6 string options I can't believe an expert such as yourself didn't know that :) cheers to John for putting my banjo on here it looks well cool
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Without a Fretboard, this is not a banjo. In addition, a banjo has 5 strings.

At best, this is a ukelele, but it would still need a fret board.

Without a fret board, you can only make 4 notes. one for each string. I guess you could use a Slide to play more notes, but that is not how a banjo (which this is not), or a Ukelele is played.
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