The Secret Shipwrecks of the Baltic Sea

The dark, cold Baltic Sea holds the remains of shipwrecks going back as far as 800 years. The sea's freshwater doesn't support the life forms that break down wood in salt water. In a photo collection at Environmental Graffiti we see a Russian team explore the shipwrecks of the Baltic, including a close look at an American-made ship that once belonged to Tsar Nicholas I, which sank in 1856. Link

(Image credit Viktor Lyagushkin)

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Hi Miss Cellania! Love your posts. From my understanding, brackish is kind of halfway between seawater and freshwater - - like in an estuary where fresh river water mixes with seawater. Often has a distinct ecosystem as most freshwater critters can't take the higher salinity and not saline enough for most marine life to live comfortably.
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Umm... Unless I really missed something in geography class, I am pretty sure that the Baltic sea is NOT freshwater - - probably brackish and not as salty as the open ocean, but not fresh water - - unless we are talking about a different Baltic sea than the one we learned about...
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"The Secret Shipwrecks of the Baltic Sea"

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