How Much Does Darth Vader Weigh?

When I first watched Star Wars, I was told there would be no math. And there wasn't, but that didn't stop physicist Rhett Allain from adding his own contributions. After running complex calculations about the above scene from Episode IV, Allain reached this conclusion:

This gives Darth Vader a mass of 89 kg (196 lbs). Well, that’s not too bad. In fact, I would guess he would be heavier than that just based on the height of a 2.02-meter-tall human. But wait! I think I had a fairly generous spot for the location of Vader’s front toe. I am sure he would want to look all cool and stuff and not put his feet too far forward. What if I moved the location of the center of mass to right under Darth Vader’s chin? I’m sure he wouldn’t want his foot in front of his chin while standing there interrogating some poor rebel scum guy. Doing this would increase his mass to 236 kg (520 pounds).  Yup. That’s some serious mass.


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Plus there is all that body work of unknown materials. Are Vader's legs made of steel or some unknown alloy? Can he switch out his limbs for different types based on what he believes he will be doing?
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They can guess all they want, but Vader is a powerful and skillful Force adept. Meaning that he could have lifted that guy off the floor without even touching him. Vader holding him in the air is proof of nothing.
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