The Funniest Traffic Jam Outside of Hollywood

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The car was small, but the road was tiny. A motorist in Naples, Italy, tried to turn around and avoid parked cars on both sides, but became stuck sideways in the street. Cars wanted to pass both ways. Then a motorcycle gang showed up. Then a church procession. Then the police. Then everyone in the neighborhood, all laughing and loudly offering their opinions. A good time was had by all -except for the driver stuck sideways. Link

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This looks like something I would end up causing in a Sims game. This is going to end up in a movie. Mark my words.

Screenwriters pitch -
"The drama escalates in a traffic jam. People suddenly connect in ways never before. The music rises, the people are smiling, and THEN.... he runs out of gas."
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It seems to support all of the stereotypes related to Italians. Lots of shouting and arm waving. Not much actual assistance given. There's even a priest!
All that was needed to make it complete would be food and wine.
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"The Funniest Traffic Jam Outside of Hollywood"

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