Scientists Predict Which Cities Around the World Will be Underwater in 100 Years

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Living in Sydney, Tokyo or Buenos Aires? If you think that your home are underwater (price-wise) now, just wait till 2100: it may be underwater literally, thanks to rising sea levels. A new study predicted which cities will be hit the hardest:

Sea levels have been rising for over 100 years - not evenly, though. Several processes are at work, says Mahé Perrette of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. Some land is sinking, some is rising. Stronger currents create slopes in sea surface, and since all things with mass exert a gravitation pull, disappearing ice sheets lead to a fall in sea levels in their surrounding areas.

Perrette has modelled all of these effects and calculated local sea level rises in 2100 for the entire planet. While the global average rise is predicted to be between 30 and 106 centimetres, he says tropical seas will rise 10 or 20 per cent more, while polar seas will see a below-average rise. Coasts around the Indian Ocean will be hard hit, as will Japan, south-east Australia and Argentina (Earth System Dynamics,

From The New Scientist: Link

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It's easier to remain unaccountable for predictions if you'll be dead by the time they are falsified. Or, at minimum, after a lucrative book deal has paid out. See also: Paul Ehrlich.
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Yeah, it's easier to speculate on a grand scale about things which cannot be proved or disproved within our lifetimes than it is to actually, you know, demonstrate factual knowledge about the near future.
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