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Today is the day, the annual day of prognostication celebrated as Groundhog Day. On the calendar, February 2nd is halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox, and that means midwinter. But hope spring eternal, so we depend on a rodent to tell us what the weather might be for the next few weeks. Where I live, we are expecting several inches of snow today, so maybe the local groundhog won't see his shadow. With my luck, he won't come out of the ground at all! And tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, a day set aside in America to eat lots of fattening, spicy snacks, critique expensive TV ads, and oh yeah, watch football. I hope you have a marvelous weekend! Maybe you'll have time to catch up on what you may have missed on Neatorama while you were working through the week.

To get you ready for this important holiday, we posted The Groundhog Oscillation: Evidence of Global Change, from The Annals of Improbable Research.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader brought us the story of Happy Days.

Mothers Superior: Not Your Everyday Nuns came from mental_floss magazine.

Over at the Spotlight Blog, where we can post bigger pictures for your viewing pleasure, Alex gave us Spot the Hidden LEGO: Gorgeous In Pieces Artwork by Dean West and Nathan Sawaya.

Then there were a couple of "shorties" from the Bathroom Reader series: Kalashnikov Pat & the Helicopter Jailbreaks and Star Trek Wisdom.

Contests! Boy, did we have contests this week. First off, we had a contest to Win a Personalized Robot Portrait by artist Ben Rollman. Congratulations to Jorg Weese who won with this comment: "If I were a robot, I'd 1000010101111010100111010110101100000101100011111…"

Then we had a sudden contest to let you Win Funny T-Shirts from the NeatoShop! It was a sneaky way to let everyone know about the updated and expanded line of T-shirts available at the NeatoShop. Congratulations to the winners, April Wade, Muzition, and M.S.K. Brown.

In this week's What Is It game, the object is a saw toothed fireplace trammel for hanging pots over a fireplace from various heights. Read more about it at the What Is It? blog. The first to guess correctly was Edward Krakowiak, who wins a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! The funniest answer was from stephensmg, who said: "While scissors may not have been the best choice for Edward, The Inventor’s first choice was much worse." That's also good for a t-shirt!

Also, congratulation to the winners of the Tokyoflash Treasure Hunt #23, triquetriquerolima. nirendollen, weneki, and Jay L.

The most popular post of the week was Surf Forever in Kelly Slater's Donut Pool followed by The Whale Photobomb.

The post with the most comments this week (besides the contests) was Game Theory and Leaving the Toilet Seat Down followed by 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out. The comment of the week came from Blake Helms. In the post about Zimbabwe having only a couple dollars left in their national treasury, he said, "That's what Zimbabwe gets for replying back to Nigeria's emails."

Go to the NeatoShop and pick out something unique and memorable for your Valentine! We collaborate with independent artists Zach Manchester of Odd Art Fabrications, Mike Jacobsen, Adam Koford and more of your favorite artists to bring you exclusive items you'll only find there. And we have a special section of lover's gifts for the holiday

I found this picture labeled "Alanis irony or actual irony?" at the Neatoramanauts Facebook page. You need to check that out regularly to see gems like this! Tell your friends to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, too! And mobile users: Flipboard makes it easy to keep up with Neatorama.

Usability tip of the week: Did you know you can add pictures and videos to your comments now? When you click on the comment field, look to the upper right for buttons that will enable you to upload an image or enter a video address. A picture may take a minute or two to appear after you save, then reloading should make it appear (if it doesn't appear immediately). I love seeing other people's contributions to a post!

W're always open for suggestions, requests, kudos, complaints, and questions. Let us know how we can make coming to Neatorama a more enlightening and enjoyable experience for you!

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