Planetary Study Guide

A 6th grade teacher handed out this study guide to her students. Redditor Dixichick13 corresponded with the teacher and determined that it was not a true or false quiz or a "find the incorrect statements" quiz. The teacher was unaware of any errors. How many can you spot? Link

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Terra means Earth, Luna means Moon and Sol means Sun. The words in portuguese are almost the same (Lua instead of Luna).

The latin names are NOT the correct names for these bodies. They are just the latin names.

Some people think that the english names are generic names for any star (sun) and for any natural satellite (moon). But they are not. There is only ONE star named Sun and only ONE natural satellite named Moon.

Besides, in common everyday usage in PORTUGUESE , SPANISH AND ITALIAN (languages where the names for Earth, Sun and Moon are very close or identical to the latin ones), those words are used just like in english, meaning that sometimes they are used to describe stars in other star systems, or the satellites of other planets.
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At one time I may have agreed, but I have seen what can happen when someone's identity goes viral, and it ain't pretty. The submitter has contacted the teacher and the principal of the school, and I think that's appropriate.
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No.1 - Jupiter has 67 moons not 4
No.2 - The Gas Giants are Jupiter and Saturn only
No.3 - They are the Galilean Moons, not all of Jupiter's Moons.
No.4 - Galileo discovered the largest of Jupiter's Moons not all of them.
No.5 - Correct!
No.6 - Correct!.
No.7 - Correct! It was also the first planet discovered with a telescope.
No.8 - Correct!
No.9 - Correct!
No.10 - Pluto was reclassified as a Dwarf Planet not Black Hole.
No.11 - Correct!
No.12 - There are four, Earth is missing.
No.13 - Correct!
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