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"Motivation protocol" is apparently an alien euphemism for "torture." Kaleb Lechowski spent seven months creating a sci-fi short that already has Hollywood talking about expanding it into a feature film.

Created by amateur filmmaker Kaleb Lechowski, 22, the new CGI short R'ha is centered on the classic tale of a civilization almost annihilated by its own weapons, as the machines turn on their creators. Yeah, you've seen that story everywhere from Terminator to Battlestar Galactica, so what makes this one unique? Lechowski has focused his story on a four-armed alien soldier, captured by the machines and used in an elaborate ploy. That's right—no human characters at all.

You might want to see it in full screen mode. Link -via Metafilter

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Despite badly wanting to be immersed, some elements became too distracting to make this as enjoyable as it could have been. The pudgy anatomy and the wrist straps caused me to think they werent watching over some of their modelers too closely, and by render time it was probably too late.

I dont believe the hype. This wasnt good cinema. The transitions in action were theatrical, yes, but common and overly used in recent movies. The design of the bot borrows too heavily from Droid commercials and The Matrix. The plot points were weak and the writing was jaunty. The "depth" of the sound had hooked me so well that I felt even more disappointed by these glaring oversights.

This is a clear example of people using bleeding edge digital toys too big for them to handle. Maybe Im just spoiled by my time at art school, where I saw people pull these hat tricks all the time. They always ended up being one-trick ponies, slaving away for hours on something meant to impress people with just the idea of what they were going for rather than an original, complete story, no matter how short, long or complex. Watching this movie only made me wonder what new program or techniques have just been released that make it far too easy for people to appear as if they know what theyre doing.

I enjoyed the rest of the visual fanfare nonetheless, such as the city and skin reflection. If this for some reason gets made into a mainstream IP, I hope they tidy up. Certainly what I have come to expect of SyFy though.
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