Propaganda Posters for the Modern Age

It's a pity that these are at all necessary, but artist Ted Slampyak has filled a void with vintage-style propaganda posters for mobile phone use. There are six in all at The Art of Manliness. Someone pointed out that the people who need them are unlikely to heed them, but maybe such posters would let my kids know that I'm not the only one who is offended by their phone habits. Link -via Gizmodo

(Image credit: Ted Slampyak)

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Hi, Miss C. Sorry, I posted this before I read your comment. I started it, then went away to make my dinner. mea culpa.

I like to think I didn't make any attacks, though.
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Why, you're absoiutely right, Jenny. I must be mistaken.

Thank you for your demonstration of how civil discourse should be conducted. I'm glad that you didn't feel it necessary to resort to name-calling and abuse to prove your point.

I can well imagine how embarrassed your wife's 80-yr-old grandmother must have felt when you so politely pointed out the error of her ways, no doubt using the same tact you displayed so skillfully in our conversation today. But I'm sure you were as equally gracious about it.

After all, it is pretty rude of us self-important-assed people to expect those outmoded habits of decency and respect for others to hold you back, with so many lives hanging in the balance.

Even now, I find some small measure of comfort, knowing that you are right now interrupting a conversation so that you can read this message. I'm sure your friends and loved ones understand how much more important it is that you correct a stranger on the Internet than devote those few seconds to them. If not, well, I'm sure you'll straighten them out.
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No, I repeat, what I am saying is: someone in my circle is trying to contact me, I'll take half a second to find out why. As for making a poster: I could make the opposite one and it would get just as much attention as this one. Did you not know anyone can post anything in the internet?

See, I have been peeking into my phone since I got my first one wind back 10-12 years ago, and because I read comments like yours I've gone as far as to ask my friends if they find it rude, or if they ever have, receiving a total number of complaints of zero. The only time there has been an issue was when my wife's ~80 year old grandma felt it was rude to do so at the table, and even she apologized for HER behaviour.

In my line of work it is expected that if I am on call, I will respond immediately. To not do so could result in the deaths of tens, perhaps hundreds of people. But even if that wasn't the case, I personally find it rude that someone would expect my whole world to stop spinning whenever I'm near them.

What you call an "addiction to gadgets", isn't more than modern life. So get your head out of your self-important ass, and understand that yes, some times, people need to peek into their phones. That's what we bought them for.
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