What It’s Like to Experience New Technology After 25 Years in Jail

Michael Santos was in prison from 1987 to 2012. Imagine how much the world has changed in that time. Computers, smartphones, and the internet present a mountain of things to learn, if you hadn't been with it all along.

Technology has changed considerably during the 25 years that I served. I read extensively during my term of incarceration, but reading about technology felt a bit like reading about typing. Regardless of how much I read, I wouldn't grasp the power of technology until I started using it. Forget the power, I don't even understand the language of technology. For example, I never understood what people meant when they spoke of a "browser." In fact, I just asked my wife to define a browser, and when she described it as a program that would allow me to access the Internet, I gave her a blank stare.

"But I thought the browser was the little text box on top of the screen, where I type in what I'm looking to find on Google."

"No honey," she said. "That's the URL bar."

Actually, you should type what you're looking for into the Google search field. Which all reminds me of young people who grew up using computers making fun of grandma's slow learning curve. The huge amount of information needed to learn anything new is so much easier when you get it little by little, instead of having to confront it all once. Read more about Santos' learning curve at Gizmodo. Link  -via Digg

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He really is a shining example of whats wrong with our justice system, sentencing is unfair, prisons are more focused on punishing than rehabilitating, and you'll always be seen as a convict. It seems to me the only reason he is a better person is because he acknowledged his mistakes and made sure to never make them again.
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wow just looked up this guy (to find out what he did) he really got the short end of the stick on this, he spent 25 years in prison for cocaine trafficking, he's spent more time in prison than most murderers do!
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I'm a little confused. From my understanding the prison system does have access to some sorts of technology (computers etc) for inmates to access including classes and time to use them. Wouldn't the prison slowly adapt as well as the technology changes? I'm not saying that they all have new mac books but a decent PC to access internet etc.

BTW I use firefox as well and typing in the URL goes immediately to google search afterwords. Love that i can just type anything into my URL and it looks it up for me.
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