The City as a Crane Operator Sees It

Saishi is a "rooftopper" -- an explorer of sky-high urban locations. He took this shot from inside the cockpit of a crane in Toronto. Why does he do it? Saishi explains:

Part of my mentality when going on these explorations is that I am reclaiming my bit of the city. The buildings I climb are going to be condos, all sold out long before construction even began. Each one costs anywhere from $400 grand to upwards of $3 million. I have trouble seeing that I'll ever have the money to buy one of these little boxes, nor will I ever work in one of those bank buildings that tower over the rest of the city. I may not own any of this, and perhaps never will, but at least I can see it. I can see the city from above, at 3 in the morning when I have the entire building to myself, and only seeing a few cars driving down the usually crowded streets, with no pedestrians in sight for miles. This is my way of taking a break from student life, where I am transformed and packaged into a cog for the machine. During the day, I'm a student; but at night, I am truly me, and I am in control of my actions. A retreatist social deviance. 

Link -via Twisted Sifter

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"The City as a Crane Operator Sees It"

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