Bucks Burnett: The Guru of the Eight-track Tape

Bucks Burnett has a lot of eight-track tapes -enough to stock the world’s first eight-track museum! That one is on Texas; now Burnett is opening a second eight-track museum in Roxbury, New York. Burnett sat down for an interview about his retro passion for Stereo 8 tapes and his museums.

Well, they couldn’t be more different. The Dallas location is considered the mothership. That’s where I have the master collection of, say, 3,000 of the best eight-tracks ever made, plus 5 or 10 of the worst. The Roxbury location is more about the hardware. In the Roxbury museum, we’ve constructed a physical walk-through timeline of most major formats throughout the last 120 years or so, from the wax cylinder of the 1870s on up through the iPod. They’re all in perfect working order, so we can demonstrate how a wax cylinder, 78 player, eight-track, or reel-to-reel sounds. We provide that as a sort of public service to really give people a visual and audio education of what music has sounded like throughout the decades.

Burnett also explains why the rarest eight-track he has is so rare, and lots more you didn't know about the history of recorded music, art Collector's Weekly. There's also a bonus video tour of the museum. Link

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