An Honest Look At the Dark Knight Rises

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I personally didn't find all of these plot holes to be that bad, but there definitely were a few issues with the movie -especially the whole Bane's voice thing. What do you guys think, was the Dark Knight Rises a failure or a fitting conclusion to the trilogy?

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There were actually zero plot holes in the movie. It's just that movie goers are too dumb to use imagination anymore. Was it perfect? No way, but its no where's near as bad as people make it to be.

How did Wayne make it back to Gotham from the pit?? They pan over to a town, he obviously walks there and contacts some friends. Just because he lost his money doesn't mean he has no connections. Also he didn't go right to Gotham city, he went to Wayne manor, got his bat plane, then flew into Gotham (which is Also why no one found itin those 3 months, it just got there)

So everyone figured out he was batman except Gordon? No, 2 people figured it out. JGL who was a great detective and shared a similar back ground, and bane who is a genius and criminal mastermind. Catwoman found out because bane said it in front of her. Also, Gordon never found out because he never tried as he didn't care.

Batmans body is broke even though he's only been in 2 major fights the whole trilogy. Um... No, dark knight doesn't start the second begins ends. There is actually a bunch of time between them. And knee brace is not magic, and it mechanic exo skeleton piece. Stuff like this actually exists.

Also, he gives up after Rachel dies because he felt his actions were doing more harm due to escalation. His parents were killed by a random mugger, not tied to a barrel of gasoline and blown up.

Again, the movie was not perfect, far from it, and probably the worst of the three, but the stuff everyone is crying about is ridiculous.
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I think it was fine. Perfect? Of course not, but no sequel was ever going to be an adequate follow up to The Dark Knight, and I feel a lot of the negative comments about Rises stems from that.
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