Star Wars Reviewed by a Newbie

Allison Keene, who writes about TV for Collider and mental_floss,  grew up without ever watching a Star Wars film. She sat down and watched every one of them in release order, and wrote up her impressions as a 21st-century newbie. What's interesting is that she thought she knew a lot about the series, because she knew what people talked about on the internet. But that's completely different from seeing the films. She says after the first one:

A-ha! Moment: I was floored by how many pop culture references come out of this movie alone, are there any in the other movies? “These are not the droids you are looking for,” “a great disturbance in the Force,” “may the Force be with you,” “the Force is strong with this one,” etc.

WTF? Moment: I think I’ve always conceived of Darth Vader as being some all-powerful evil villain, and to see him just hanging around the council, running his own errands and in fact getting in a fighter jet to go out on an attack run himself confused me greatly.  Doesn’t he have minions for that sort of thing?  Also I expected his voice to sound like something in between Christian Bale‘s Batman and Tom Hardy‘s Bane, but he was quite normal, which disappointed me a bit.

And even that's funny, that the voice of James Earl Jones may sound "quite normal" now that everyone has heard him so much. In 1977, it stood out from every other voice on the planet. Keene wrote up all six movies, which are posted at Collider in reverse (blog) order. Link

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