Savage Candy Beating

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YouTube member Celloshredder visited Japan and noticed confectioners/street performers making candy. They're hardcore about it! Watch two of them take split-second turns hammering the mixture with their hands and a wooden mallet.

-via Yababoon

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They are making a type of mochi, which is steamed sweet (or glutinous) rice that has been pounded into a starchy, sticky mass. In this case, the rice has been mixed with something green, but at times the same product can be white. The hand-pounded mass will go into a machine that is kind of visible in the back, and will be divided into uniform balls of rice paste. These go down a conveyor and are rolled in a toasted sweetened soybean powder. They may also be flattened and folded over a bit of sweet bean paste, then rolled in soybean powder. It's a pretty nice snack. A little sweet and sticky. This particular shop seems to have many videos posted of different stages of pounding. The short clip here shows the final, and fastest, stage. I am amazed that they can do this kind of thing and not lose a hand.
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They're actually making mochi, which is a rice cake made from cooked and then pounded (as seen in the video) rice flour. The traditional way of making it involves 2-3 people. 1-2 pound the rice cake and 1 person turns it between pounding. Those who have been making it the traditional way for a long time get a really fast rhythm going. You see this often in more country-ish spots and touristy areas. Mass produced mochi is made by machine now.
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