Best Selling Science Fiction Books of All Time

Are you a science fiction fan (not that space fantasy Star Wars baloney) like I am? Then maybe you will like this super awesome infographic of the best selling Sci Fi books of all time! Ender's Game is possibly my favorite childhood book and it is both gratifying and disturbing to see it on this list. One million copies sold since 1985 sounds like a lot, but is it? A post I wrote earlier shows that Twilight already has sold a sickening 43 million, and Harry Potter is at a staggering 400 million. Yet Ender's Game can only get 1 million. People don't get out of bed for a Youtube clip with less than 1 million views. Fahrenheit 451 -one of the fathers of modern Sci Fi- a paltry 10 mil. I am a little soul crushed at the moment but I will get over it. Enjoy the list and enjoy the rest of your day. I will go sulk in a corner for a while. Stupid Twilight and it's 43 million.

-Via Flavorwire

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This is riddled with bad data (_The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_ sold only 1500 copies? Really?) compares apples to oranges (sales on first day vs. entire print run) and isn't an infographic at all - it's just a list of books bulked out with a big typeface and an icon of a book.

What were they thinking when they wrote such lazy, sloppy rubbish? And what were you thinking when you promoted it?
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Consider, for a moment, that the fluff might spark a desire to read Ender's Game and other books you consider more fit for consumption.

After all, in moderation even Twinkies are permissible in a diet and not every written work is even possible to be Shakespeare.
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