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Not too long ago I posted about a women who was ordered to wear a sign that says "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." Remember? Well here she is, Cleveland woman Shena Hardin, holding that court ordered sign. If you forgot, she was ordered to hold the sign because she drove on the sidewalk repeatedly to avoid a stopped school bus. Oh sweet justice, you are too kind.

-Via Hyper Vocal

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@C/L - that is great. The parent of the child who rides the bus that Hardin passed, said that she was not taking her punishment seriously. I am glad that it has been enforced.

In my years of driving I have had two near misses. Where a student was crossing the street and someone decided they did not want to wait and decided to go around the bus. Two times that are ingrained in my memory, where I thought the student was going to be mangled and killed. I wish she could have that experience. I wish I could share with her, the look of terror on a child's face as they are almost about to be mowed down by an individual who did not have the patience to wait.

I also wish I could have been there. I would have let my kids drop their windows to stop and talk to her. Because everyone who has ever had the opportunity to be stuck next to a school, bus at a streetlight, knows just what charming conversationalists students can be.
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Her actions were, presumably, performed while sober, making them coldheartedly deliberate. She should have had to attend a meeting with the parents of the children whose lives she endangered, to explain how her saving 60 seconds on the way to work is worth the life of a child.
Yeah, and then revoke her licence.
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Yesterday she leaned against the sign while texting. She obviously has no respect for the judgement, not to mention the possibly deadly consequences of the crime she committed. Today she will be supervised, and has been ordered to actually hold the sign. I agree; she should have her license revoked.
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