Morley Street Art On Jobs

Morley is a street artist, similar in that regard to Hanksy, from Los Angeles - where I currently happen to live. If Hanksy is all about the puns, Morley is all about the writing. He is a pretty good one if you ask me.

For the last thirteen or so years of my young life (I'm 30 if anyone's counting) I've been preoccupied with the notion that my value on planet earth was defined by my career (or lack thereof). Similarly that my career defined who I was a person- that when introduced to someone I might as well have said "Hi, my name is Clerk at Blockbuster. It's nice to meet you Genius at Apple Store". 

You can read more about the piece at his website. Does your job define you? Does it give you a justified existence? It's a tough question, if you ask me. While work does give many people drive and some sense of purpose, it shouldn't be what you use as justification for your life. But that is if you ask me.

Sidenote: His website is filled with great things like his list of 50 Wonderful Things. The list is populated with things like "when your turn signal rhythm matches with the signal of the car in front of you" and "the rare occasions when Tom & Jerry set aside their differences and team up against a common foe."

-Via I Am Morley

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I haven't tried that yet, though I have thought of saying something like "In a culvert" just to see what kind of reactions I would get.

Interestingly, I have been doing research into a visit George Washington made to Charleston in 1791 and among the remarks are the observations that the Charlestonians very much impressed the president with their opulent wealth, Charleston was a exceedingly successful port town in the colonial era, and that they were rather taken with themselves and their material success. So in today's parlance we would call them superficial. The more things change...
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I live in Charleston, SC, and the question one is inevitably asked is "where do you live?" and it's very definitely a gauging question. It's more specific than zip codes; Location Snobbery in Charleston is meted out on a street by street basis. Vocation Snobbery comes later.
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