Bill Nye Words of Wisdom

Old Billy (sic) Nye is filled with all sorts of wisdom. Remember that great video he was in about Creationism? Yeah, he is awesome like that. I will tell you growing up I loved his show and I still do love science - I was Biology major through a large part of college. I will also tell you that Bill Nye is the only celebrity I am aware of that shares my birthday. Who knows the date? Don't cheat and Google it! Hint - it is just around the corner..

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Whenever i read such things as: "Darwin's theory will be dumped into a bin with all the other outmoded scientific theories of the past"... it seems to me that it was not well founded...

I think Darwin/Wallace's theory, i.e. the basic "mutation / selection interaction" will not be dumped... maybe a bit refined, expanded or fine-tuned... but i think it will not be dumped... approximatly the same way that i does not expect that the gravitational theory will be dumped..

Even "outmoded scientific theories" have the advantage that they are only theories... and everyone is free to show any mistake, inadequateness, or just error... as long as he relies on scientific methods... It would be a fundamental error to use the fact that some theories became outdated, expanded or have been proven wrong as a proof that science itself leads to a dead end...

Pleas bear in mind that Cristianity re-named the inquisition, stopped staking, stopped crusading, stopped selling of indulgences... Does this proof that the present christian rules, commitments, will be outdated soon? Does it even proof that it was wrong to stop the inquisition, stop staking, stop crusading, or stop selling of indulgences...

Please before arguing against the evolution theories, check your arguments first on the man in the mirror, ... or ... just keep Matthew 7,1-5 in mind...
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It's negligent to teach your child pseudoscience nonsense and present it as fact. People that pull their kids out of real schools to home school them with whatever idiotic propaganda they want are not much different than people letting their kids appendix burst because they are christian scientists and don't believe in hospitals.

Kids have rights, and one of them should be access to real science.
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Again with the Wikipedia?

I'm not advocating Creationism here, GW. I'm saying Darwinian Evolution has critics and they're not all whacko Creationist types. I think that's allowed in the scientific community, right? leave off with the silly Wikipedia articles, read some of the primary critical material and make up your mind for yourself.
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