Idris Elba and Mumford and Sons

One of the internet's favorite actors, Idris Elba, has teamed up with one of the internet's favorite bands, Mumford and Sons. I personally have always liked Elba, ever since his role as Stringer Bell in The Wire. He was also in Prometheus (a film I wanted desperately to like but didn't), Thor, American Gangsters, The Office (!), and a few other things. He grew up in Canning Town, East London, so it is no stretch of the imagination that he would like Mumford and Sons. Originally found here, you can also watch the video on youtube.

-Via Videogum

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Sir, considering you have not bothered addressing the contents of this story (aside from mysteriously pointing out two subjects have "teamed-up" ... teamed up to do what? Was there a big bake sale? Were they in a hide and seek match against some other celebrities?) I refuse to click on the dubious link and find out more. Hope you've learned your lesson.
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Yep, I agree, Idris Elba is a completely engaging actor; I've thought so since The Wire. He has also been terrific in the 'Luther' detective series. Both seasons of 'Luther' are streaming on Netflix.
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