Ellen Loves Macklemore

I have been infatuated with the music Macklemore has been producing ever since I first heard the song Wings. I like him because there is actual content in his music, not the empty-calorie music that modern pop-culture seems to be obsessed with. Oh Wiz Khalifa you have catchy choruses about... partying all day. How original. Bieber, you like girls? No way. Ms. Swift, I am glad that you are informing me that we are ever never getting back together but can you be a little more constructive with your feedback?

Finally someone who isn't afraid to actually say something with their music. Whether you agree (I hope) or disagree (you are entitled to that) with gay marriage, or whether you like rap or not - that's fine - but you have to respect how creatively and passionately he delivers his message.

Ellen loved it too, so there's that. Check out Macklemore's new album The Heist.

The song he is preforming is called Same Love, and you can check out the official music video here.

-Via Daily Dot

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At least there's an actual instrument or two being played here. (The piano accompaniment is playing throughout the piece, not just as an "interlude.") You may not call this "music" by your definition, but there are many "musicians" out there that process EVERY SOUND YOU HEAR out of a computer. Is that music? I think it depends on who's listening. I don't really see the appreciation of someone saying something powerful in their art as a "lame move," either. [At least, I think that was the intended meaning of the sentence above.] Although I do agree there are several artists out there that have something important to say.
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Yeah dude who runs neatorama, I was going to say the comment about someone who isn't afraid to say something in their music = lame move. But Dev, it's called hip hop.
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