Custom Handgun Made for a Man Who Had Lost His Fingers

Gunsmith M. Fischer of Berlin made this bizarre .38 caliber revolver sometime before 1896. It featured an unusual trigger system that permitted an owner without fingers to hold and fire it.

Link | Photo: Horst Held

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Yes, guns are primarily designed to kill living creatures, often (but not always) humans. I am comfortable with that because I think that sometimes taking a human life is morally acceptable. So I find nothing inherently wrong with guns.

In contrast, your hypothetical "rape wand" would never be neat, nor would any variation of it be neat, because rape is never morally acceptable.

The specific guns that I've posted are usually mechanical oddities that attempt to resolve technological limitations, such as the necessity of reloading. I am impressed with the ingenuity behind many of these efforts and think in my head "that's neat!"
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Certainly I understand not all content is neat for all people and I'm free to scroll past what I don't like; I do it all the time. Also I understand gun ownership is a complex issue and this isn't about the political ramifications of gun ownership.

It's about a gun's primary purpose which is to cease life in sentient organisms and has no other purpose. Any artistic modifications to guns is designed to hide or enhance the fact that its purpose is to kill and nothing but.

If you like guns, that's your prerogative and it may find many viewers interested in your posts. I would ask you and other people to question why an interest guns is neat? Are there other posts that focus on items that kill? (Apart from zombies of course) I'm not sure there would be an interest in a post about how cool a 'rape wand' would be for a trans-vaginal ultrasound. That's another item that only has one, negative purpose.
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Neatness is a subjective concept. Personally, I like guns. I think they're interesting and I enjoy using and studying them. My own taste leans toward antiques; my dream gun is a 1903 Springfield rifle.

I post antique guns that are oddities because I think they're interesting and the traffic that such posts generate tends to support that judgment.

One of the challenges of being a Neatorama author is finding and posting content that isn't cycling through large blogs that are similar to ours. Each of us has some special areas of knowledge or interest. I read a lot of gun blogs and have some basic knowledge of firearms, so I look for interesting guns to write about. Few authors on blogs similar to Neatorama do this, so I contribute unique content that puts Neatorama in a more competitive position.

On several occasions, I've lifted odd guns or firearms-related content from obscurity and made them viral, such as this one, this one, this one and this one.

You state that killing is not neat and that therefore guns are not neat. The morality of firearms ownership is a complex issue. I do my best to stay away from political topics here at Neatorama and since a discussion on the morality of firearms ownership would probably end up there, I'd rather not discuss it on this blog. I would, however, be willing to discuss it with you through email.

I understand that you may find firearms offensive and would prefer not to see it at Neatorama. There's something for everyone at Neatorama and probably some content that is boring or even repugnant to each reader. All I can suggest is scrolling past that which you do not like in order to get to the content that you do like.
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Can the Neatorama editors ask themselves why they insist on having links to guns, either antique or otherwise? How is a weapon, designed for killing humans as its sole purpose, neat, interesting or something to be promoted? Killing is not neat.
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