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11 Brain-Twisting Paradoxes

One of my favorite episodes of Futurama includes Lela trying to destroy the evil Robot Santa Claus by feeding him a logical paradox. While Robot Santa survives thanks to his "paradox-absorbing crumple zones" I still enjoyed the paradox. If you enjoy paradoxes as well, check out this super fascinating list of 11 Brain-Twisting Paradoxes

Some of the paradoxes include The Unstoppable Force Paradox, The Unexpected Hanging Paradox, Achilles & the Tortoise Paradox, The Omnipotence Paradox, and a few other really interesting paradoxes.

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The Sorites’ Paradox is based on the wrong assumption that "A heap of sand minus one grain is still a heap." (premise 2) (and a proper definition of a "heap" and a "few")... The presmise that a few grains of sand (say 5) can not be a heap, it is shown hat premise 2 is wrong. If one grain of sand is still a heap, (and applying premise 2) it would follow that no grain of sand would also be a heap, which can not be correct. qed
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#9 - The Interesting number paradox
has the drawback that "interesting" is not well defined... Personally, i am not interested in smallest natural numbers...
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#7 - Achilles & the tortoise paradox
Achilles was killed in at the Trojan war... so turtle wins the race!
However it is possible to pass an infinite number of points (e.g. by moving your finger over a table) as long as the distance between these poinst is infinitive small.
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#6 - The Buridan’s ass paradox
The average ayy may live longer than one day and one night without water and food, as soon as the ass takes a nap (and moves) he may come closer to one of the hay bales...
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#5 - The unexpected hanging paradox suffers form causality. It would be no surprise to hang the guy on friday, only if he was not hanged before. Actually for friday he was right, it would not have been a surprise only on friday... actually he was inconsistend to be surprised to be hanged on wednesday...
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#3 - Epimenides’ Paradox
is just not praradox... the inversion of the statement "all Cretens liars" is not "all Cretens are truthful" but "not all Cretens are liars". It should be possible to find a single not lying Creten person to proove that at least Epimenides is a liar (but not all Creten people)..
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"irresistible force" and "immovable object" are just not defined in our universe...
As the mass in our universe is limited, it seems not possible to generate an immovalbe object (or to have someone to watch it).
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Olbers’ Paradox :
The paradox states that at any angle from the earth the sight line will end at the surface of a star. Would work if there would only be stars in the universe. However the assumption "from th earth" shows that there is other stuff too, like the earth, planets, moons, asteroids, black holes and stuff... Thus, the paradox is based on a wrong assumption...

However nearly true for the relic radiation...
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