1970s Middle School Kids Look to the Year 2000

People in a space colony of the future (by Rick Guidice, 1977)

In 1977, the Herald-Starin Steubenville, OH, asked the local citizenry to share their predictions for the year 2000. Predictably, a lot of answers came in from the 10-12 year-old set, and their answers are surprisingly accurate... at least in some cases. Marty predicted the smartphone and online shopping:

In the year 2000, we will have all round buildings. We will have a robot teacher, a robot maid, and all workers will be robots, too. We will have a pocket computer that has everything you can name. We will even be able to push a button to get anything you want!

Marty Bohen, Age 10

Other students' expectations for the future were decidedly more personal; Monica just wanted to make sure she had her MRS. Her predictions for global peace were a little more ambitious: 

In 2000 I will marry a doctor and maybe have kids. I would like my husband to be a doctor because he would be helping people and would still want to be close to my family. As for a job for me I would help the crippled boys and girls. I would still like to have my same friends. And the most important thing for there to be is no wars and killings. I hope they could find cures for every sickness. And everybody will care for each other.

Monica Katsaros, Age 10 

Paleofuture has a whole collection of gems just like these, which make for a great read. Link

But it makes me wonder: What would you predict for our future? Tell us what you think 2050 will look like, and why.

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I, too, think it will be mostly like today but we will definitely be much more tied to our electronic gadgets (if that's possible). There will be fewer species of animals, the rain forest will be smaller. The price of oil will have made it impossible to continue the crazy petroleum product consumption many of us now enjoy- greener everything, not just cars.
And I'm wondering about the geopolitical landscape... and not going to venture a guess. But I think we will see more and more serious upheavals around the world and new world powers. Russia, for one, is a player to watch.
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It will be pretty much like it is now except for more and tinier electronics gadgets and electric cars. Street paving...same...house construction..same except for more use of solar panels...electric supply...same...sewers...same...clothes...I predict there will be a resurgence of popularity for 1920s era fashion...oh and the government will watch every move you make inside or outside your house so be careful
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In 2050, the president of the Federal States of America will open diplomatic relations with the People's States of America, taking the first step toward peaceful relations. As a show of goodwill, he will even learn some Mandarin before the summit meeting.
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