Double Chin No More!

Got a double chin and a spare tire? Fear not, Neatoramanauts! Science is here to help:

The researchers have found they can burn off excess fat in specific areas of the body by injecting tiny capsules filled with a modified type of heat-producing cell commonly found in animals and babies.
The cells release “signals” that alter the surrounding fat tissue so surplus calories are used up by producing body heat rather than being stored as fat.

Tests in animals have shown that injecting the capsules caused obese mice to lose up to 10 per cent of their body weight even when being fed a high calorie diet. The researchers are now planning to begin treating obese dogs later this year. If successful and found to be safe, it is hoped that the treatment could be available for use in humans in around six years.

The researchers believe the capsules, which are around three times the width of a human hair, could be injected into specific fat deposits such as the thighs, buttocks, arms or under the chin to reduce the amount of fat stored there.

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This would be super cool for folks that are making an effort to be slimmer and still have some areas that aren't quite there yet. There have been times in life when I worked very hard to lose weight and lost a lot, but a few spots like my chin and a little poochy spot on my belly still felt ugly to me. Those areas, especially like the chin that's hard to firm up with exercise, were de-motivational. Especially now with so much casual photography like being tagged in snapshots on facebook, you notice things like having a wobbly chin, and then instead of feeling awesome about being in a smaller jean size, you feel disheartened that you've been trying so hard and still look fat. It makes letting your self go again pretty tempting. If you're going to look fat anyway, why not look fat while eating dessert in front of the tv instead of grilled chicken breasts AGAIN and hitting the gym. I could see having something less invasive than liposuction to fix those little slow-slimming annoyances could help keep some people on the right track. It's not a good fix for the obese who are in desperate need of losing weight for their health. It's not a "Let's just eat deep fried lard cakes and then inject these all over. No worries." kind of deal. But it would be great for a mid-point motivator or a last-little-bit reward.
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