Here’s Why We Can’t Get Jobs

Unemployment can make it harder to get a job. That sounds strange, but it's a truism in the placement and recruiting industry. Once you spend any amount of time without a job, getting one at all become more difficult. Even though corporation have unfilled job openings, they tend to not hire the unemployed.

According to 36 percent of recruiters, it becomes “difficult” for an applicant to find a job if he or she is unemployed for as little as six months. Twenty-one percent say that spells of joblessness shorter than six months could kill your hiring prospects. In short, “unemployment can lead to being unemployable.”

In a slack labor market, many workers survive by hopping from job to job. But even that makes an applicant look bad. The survey reports that a 55-year-old with steady employment will find it easier to find a new job than a 30-year-old who has left a company before one year of work. And that’s despite the fact that 70 percent of recruiters say that candidates in their 30s are the easiest group to place.

I think I'm starting to see why these job opening go unfilled. Maybe we need some "new blood" in these recruiting positions. Link

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HR are rarely the sharpest tools in the shed. I've not met one who actually understood the job they were hiring for; the team leader was usu. the only one who did.

The whole "6 Months And You're Out"-thing is a recent fad and smacks of some variety of discrimination
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What metrics/evidence are used to evaluate the effectiveness of HR & Recruiting personnel and policies as opposed to, say, some random Joe in the company? I've always wondered if there's any evidence all those BS cliched interview questions and basing decisions on these type of factors actually results in better hires.
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