Grandma Gave Birth to Own Grandson

Remember the song I'm My Own Grandpa? Well, this one is kind of like that:

Madden Hebert is a typical week-old baby -- "eating like a champ and he doesn't fuss too much," according to his mother.

But there's nothing typical about how he came about. Last week, Madden's grandmother gave birth to him.

"It was all pretty simple as far as I was concerned," said Linda Sirois, 49, of Madawaska, who carried and delivered Madden because her daughter, Angel Hebert, had a heart condition that meant it would be unsafe for her to get pregnant.

Sirois said she has let her daughter know for years that she would become a surrogate mother for her if a doctor suggested that she not become pregnant.

Grandmother, mother, and baby are doing just fine, by the way: Link

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As weird as this seems, it makes sense. Unlike some contracted surrogates, grandma didn't have regrets about giving the baby up after birth because he's still part of her family.

And, since baby girls are born with all the eggs they'll ever have, the fertilized egg transfer was a matter of getting back what she'd once had in her body before. That may actually help the odds of success over a non-relative transfer.
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How many of your acquaintances can say with certainty in which womb you were engendered? I doubt anybody will ever know.

I do see 2 small issues though.
1) Grandma's life was endangered
2) I understand the joy of motherhood, but there is a reason for "survival of the fittest" and if mommy's heart problems are genetic, forcing the birth of a new being with same problem seems a little selfish. (only a little though)(and there is the chance he will be as healthy as can be).
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