If Famous Architects Designed Chicken Coops

Science fiction author Marko Kloos owns a chicken coop. It's a simple affair, but chicken coops don't have to be so. He imagined what coops would look like if they were designed by famous architects:

The Frank Lloyd Wright: A beautiful chicken coop mimicking the flow of water down a stony terrace. Eighteen different square elements are stacked into a descending spiral shape. It takes two people nine hours to clean the poop out of all the nooks and crannies every week. [...]

The Walter Gropius/Bauhaus: A coop vaguely shaped like a rooster comb and made out of steel and glass. The chickens live in 128 identical single apartments with little balconies. Because of the huge windows, interior temperature on sunny days is 112 degrees.

The Le Corbusier: A monstrous 30x30ft. concrete block with an interior chicken run and its own freeway exit. The chickens descend into depression and substance abuse, and the suicide rate is sky-high. [...]

The Howard Roark: A bare patch of ground in the middle of the front lawn. The chickens can’t expect everything to be handed to them.

Read the rest at the link.

Link | Photo: holowac

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"If Famous Architects Designed Chicken Coops"

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