This Walrus Has An Amazing Vocal Range

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This handsome fellow is named E.T., and he makes all the other walruses jealous with his amazing array of vocal impressions.

He has even mastered the art of walrus whistling, a skill once thought lost to the icy waters of walrus antiquity.

This bristle faced E.T. has a bright future, unlike that other weirdo named E.T. with the glowing finger...

--via i09

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Yeah...the ET with the glowing finger, real name xcsdfdf (pronounced 'Shaw') was court-marshalled (he was military rank of Sub-Commodore) when he arrived back at Tralfalmador, the planet that is home to the Galactic Botanical Corps.

Ser Xcsdfdf was found not guilty, but the court-marshal was enough to end his career, and he was assigned to an obscure, uninteresting warehouse.

Not willing to suffer this, Xcsdfdf retired with pension and now runs a sushi bar in Salinas, California, greeting customers using a custom built, early-middle-age Asian-looking bio-mechanical avatar that goes by the name Joe.

This avatar is fully-user-controlled, semi-autonomous, and fully-autonomous depending on requirements, with a full neuro-interface with any level of blending desired, and simultaneous memory dump to wet-ware even in fully auto-mode. Pretty cool.

Plus, the Avatar is fully functional and programmed with all techniques. This allows Xcsdfdf to pursue his attraction to 'willowy women' whenever he wishes.
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Just a heads up to the moderator - the roll over ad is ridiculous - innocently roll your pointer over the ad prompts an obnoxious, loud auto-play popup ad. It's not the popup but the very loud music that is bad. This might discourage people (not me!! Love your site) from frequenting your site.
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