Water Flavored Alcoholic Beverage

This carbonated alcoholic water beverage called Air might be the future of booze, or else it's a really bad idea.

It's made to be tasteless, created with a malt fermentation process that renders it odorless, tasteless and colorless, so nobody will know that you're getting your drink on.

Thankfully, Air only has 4% alcohol, so it's unlikely to be used against you by your neighborhood practical joker.

Link  --via Gizmodo

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It's not entirely true that people won't know you're getting your drink on. The malt fermentation process may render the drink odorless -- I'm not a chemist, so I don't know one way or the other -- but I do know that, as the body metabolizes alcohol, it becomes acetaldehyde after one trip through the liver, and acetone after another trip through the liver, before it finally becomes carbon dioxide and water. The acetaldehyde and (even more so) the acetone are what give people "alcohol breath."

So at some point, roughly an hour or two after you start pounding these things, you can be found out.
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@Mizition: I chuckled, but bud, coors, and miller have no real right to be called beer at all, much less american beer. There are too many legitimately good breweries in the states these days to let that goat piss color one's perspective. :)
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